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ESAB demonstrated industry-leading filler metal solutions

novembris 24, 2017

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products showcased live demonstrations of new, improved and industry-leading filler metals at the recent Schweissen & Schneiden tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany. Three new and improved filler metals made their debut at the show.

PURUS™ 42, a next-generation alloyed solid wire that can reduce post-weld cleaning time and unplanned downtime for removing silica islands in multi-pass welding and reduce or eliminate downtime associated with spatter. In addition, PURUS features an innovative coating technology that stabilises the welding process, provides superior arc stability and minimises spatter. Classified as an AWS ER70S-6 EN/ISO G3Si1 wire, PURUS will be showcased in a Marathon Pac™ bulk wire system as part of ESAB's robotic welding demonstration featuring the Aristo® MIG U5000iw power source.

OK Flux 10.62 (Advanced Slag Release) for Submerged Arc Welding (SAW). This high basicity, neutral, agglomerated flux has been upgraded and now is especially suited for narrow gap welding because of its good slag detachability, concave weld bead profile and smooth sidewall blending. Due to its high grain strength, this improved flux can be recycled and reused more times.

OK Band series of stainless and nickel-based strips provides a flexible and economical way of depositing a corrosion-resistant protective layer of stainless steel or high-alloy metal on mild or low-alloy steel. ESAB can offer a complete technical solution, including strips and fluxes, power sources and equipment, as well as process and metallurgical know-how for strip cladding. ESAB supplies strip electrodes and suitable fluxes for almost all demanding applications, including for chemical, petrochemical, nuclear and pulp and paper industries and hard-facing consumables for repair and maintenance.

"In addition to these robotic and mechanised demonstrations, visitors to the ESAB stand had the opportunity to weld with a wide range of filler metals for manual and semi-automatic welding processes," says Karin Ivarsson, Global Project Manager Filler Metals, ESAB. "We encourage visitors to personally experience the difference premium ESAB filler metals can make, as we are especially known for filler metals with high operator appeal and increasing welding efficiency."

MMA Electrodes

ESAB's OK Series of MMA electrodes offer good penetration, consistent quality and a smooth, stable arc at low spatter levels. They deliver reliable mechanical properties in high- or low-temperature environments, high-humidity worksites, and challenging out-of-position projects. Easy to strike and restrike, OK Series electrodes are suitable for welders of all experience levels.

Last year, ESAB enhanced its MMA coating formula to meet AWS H4R low hydrogen requirements for an entire family of electrodes, starting with its flagship E7018 electrode, OK 48.00 H4R. H4R formulations decrease moisture pick-up in high humidity conditions, yet provide the same mechanical properties, superior weldability and outstanding operator appeal.

Solid Wire Electrodes

Featured products for welding of mild steel include OK AristoRod 12.50, an ER70S-6 wire treated with ESAB's unique Advance Surface Characteristics technology to ensure excellent art starts, a very stable arc at high welding currents, extremely low levels of spatter and reduced tip wear. For welding stainless steel, visitors can try OK Autrod 308LSi and OK Autrod 316LSi, both of which feature low carbon content to reduce risk of intergranular corrosion. For welding aluminium, ESAB offers OK Autrod 4043 and OK Autrod 5356, the most widely used aluminum alloys.

Cored Wires

Coreweld 46 LS is a new generation metal cored wire based on ESAB's revolutionary cored wire surface technology. It has been developed for the welding of thin-plate with a minimum thickness of 1.0 mm and provides fabricators with a substantially faster and higher quality welding solution to solid MAG wire. The absence or very low levels of silica on the weld surface and minimal spatter result in reduced post weld cleaning before coating/painting. Coreweld 46 LS is a unique product that markedly lowers the welding costs for mechanised and robotic fabrication. 

OK Tubrod 15.14 provides outstanding operator appeal with an easily controlled arc, improved operation at both lower and higher current levels, minimal spatter and easily removed slag. OK Tubrod 15.14 is designed to be used with either Ar/CO2 gas mixture or pure CO2 and is approved by all the major marine societies to grade 3.

Coreshield 15 is an all-position self-shielded flux cored welding wire for single pass applications. Coreshield 15 produces smooth arc action, full slag coverage, easy slag removal, and low spatter. The use of DCEN (electrode negative) current minimizes the risk of burn-through. Coreshield 15 is excellent for use on lap and fillet welds on thin gauge galvanised and mild steels in all welding positions. 

Visitors to ESAB’s stand at Schweissen & Schneiden had the opportunity to weld with a broad selection of ESAB filler metals.
Visitors to ESAB’s stand at Schweissen & Schneiden will have the opportunity to weld with a broad selection of ESAB filler metals.