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ESAB to exhibit and demonstrate welding and cutting equipment and consumables at Schweissen & Schneiden 2017

augusts 31, 2017

ESAB Welding & Cutting will be on stand 10F04 in Hall 10 at Schweissen & Schneiden, which takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany from 25-29 September 2017. Many visitors will be eager to see the recently launched Rebel™ multi-process portable welding machine, which will be featured in live demonstrations and static displays. In addition, ESAB will be exhibiting larger welding machines from the Renegade and Aristo families, as well as filler metals, fume extraction systems, welding helmets and other PPE (personal protective equipment). Knowledgeable, experienced staff will be on hand to explain the products and discuss visitors' applications.

MIG Welding Gets Smart

Since its launch last year, the Rebel™ multi-process welding machines have proved to be incredibly popular. For the first time in Europe visitors will be able to see the new Rebel EMP 235ic, EmP 255iC and EMP 320ic, which are the most mobile welder in its class and has the power and performance to handle the most demanding jobs, as it offers industrial multi-process performance in a portable, integrated package. At 24kgs to 26 kgs and with a 235 to 320-amp rated output at 40% duty cycle Rebel has the best power-to-weight ratio in its category, allowing users who need maximum flexibility when moving a welding machine around the shop or working in the field. With the full family of Rebel on show visitors can witness the sMIG (smart MIG) function that enables users to begin MIG welding – with a very stable arc and little or no spatter – just by setting the material thickness and wire diameter. Unlike competitive units, there is no need to enter information for the shielding gas mix. Operators interact with the Rebel™ using a control that combines traditional weld parameter adjustments with the functionality of a smart phone. Beginners can produce quality welds with minimal training or instruction, while experienced users also appreciate the intelligence that has been built into the Rebel™.

Welding Power Where it is Needed

Another highly portable family of welding machines will be demonstrated live and exhibited in static displays. The Renegade ET 300i and ET 300iP are inverter based TIG machines offering high frequency (HF) starts but also outstanding MMA capabilities.  These machines offer extreme power in a compact format, producing 300 A at 40% duty cycle and weighs only 17 kg and measures 460x200x320mm. The Renegade TIG machines accept both single and three phase input power, reaching from 208 to 528 V. Alongside the ET 300i and ET 300iP will be the new ES300i MMA model.

For applications requiring even higher output from a portable welding machine, ESAB will be demonstrating the multi-process Warrior™ 500, complete with the Warrior™ Feed 304 wire feeder, PSF 410w water-cooled torch and COOL 1 cooling unit. Featuring highly reliable inverter technology for energy savings and greater functionality, the heavy-duty Warrior™ delivers up to 500 A at a 60 per cent duty cycle. It can perform MIG/MAG, flux-cored wire, Manual Metal Arc (MMA) and TIG welding tasks, as well as arc gouging.

More Welding Demonstrations

In addition to the Rebel™, Renegade and Warrior™, ESAB will have live demonstrations of its Aristo® 4004i Pulse power source and Aristo® Feed 3004 wire feeder. The Aristo Mig 4004i Pulse is a lightweight, multi-process welding power source that can be used for MIG/MAG, pulsed MIG/MAG, MMA or TIG welding in applications requiring both high productivity and high quality. Compared with conventional welding equipment, the electronically controlled Aristo Mig 4004i Pulse weighs 70 per cent less and has a footprint that is 70 per cent smaller. This equipment is therefore easy to transport and much more convenient for use in confined spaces.

To complement the welding systems outlined above, ESAB will also be using – and thereby demonstrating – its Origo Vac and Carryvac fume extraction and filtration systems. Appropriate PPE (personal protection equipment) will be worn by the personnel conducting the demonstrations, including helmets, gloves and clothing from ESAB's range, with the new state-of-the-art Sentinel™ welding helmet being a particular highlight.

Filler Metals and Fluxes

A key element of ESAB's offering is its extensive range of filler metals. All of the live demonstrations of welding equipment will be utilising ESAB filler metals, plus there will be static displays of other filler metals.

The newest to be showcased live at the stand will be PURUS™, a next-generation mild steel wire specifically formulated to reduce post-weld cleaning of spatter and silica islands. Simply by switching to PURUS premium MIG wire, users can reduce post-weld cleaning time and unplanned downtime associated with spatter, reduce or eliminate downtime for removing silica islands in multi-pass welding and reduce or eliminate paint-related quality issues.   Purus provides you with not only the innovation you want but consistency you need. 

Also of special interest in the filler metal demonstrations will the recently technically improved OK Flux 10.62 in BlockPac™. This flux is a agglomerated fluoride-basic flux primarily for multi-run welding. For highest demands on impact properties, low temperature toughness, high strength and CTOD-values. The BlockPac 25kg packaging offers superior moisture protection due to its laminated, multi-layer aluminium foil construction and welded seal.    

Another live demonstration features ESAB's OK Band series nickel base strip and strip cladding system that provides a flexible and economical way of depositing a protective layer of stainless steel or high-alloy metal on a mild or low-alloy steel.

Visitors will therefore be able to see a variety of electrodes and welding wires, both solid and flux-cored; whether visitors are interested in welding carbon steels, stainless steel or aluminium, they can see and discuss appropriate filler metals to suit their needs. There will also be video presentations showing how specifying the optimum filler metal can have a dramatic impact on productivity and quality.

In addition to the standard welding machines and filler metals mentioned above, ESAB's stand will feature mechanised, automated and robotic welding, the WeldCloud™ and CutCloud™ platforms for managing process data, plus plasma cutting systems, gas welding and cutting products, and equipment for arc gouging and exothermic cutting.

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