Welding Tractors

Miggytrac B501 - Is a compact, battery-driven tractor that easily automates your MIG/MAG - GMAW process. Ideal for use with ESAB’s semi-automatic power sources and feed units, Miggytrac B501 features the latest in stepper motor technology for high efficiency. A standard ESAB welding torch can be quickly attached to the unit.

RailTrac B42V - Is a welding tractor system of components that can be configured to create the optimal solution for your mechanised welding application. To minimise problems associated with harsh environments, most mechanical parts are constructed in aluminum or stainless steel. Railtrac B42V is designed for horizontal and vertical up/down when applicable. 

The system can be easily connected to most ESAB wire feeders with no major modification. Remote adapters have to be mounted in feeders Aristo®Feed 3004/4804 and Warrior™Feed 304. Railtrac B42V features different torch holders for torches and applications.