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ESAB Jaunumu arhīvs

New Cutmaster™ 60i plasma cutter offers highest power-to-weight ratio, high-visibility display

decembris 8, 2017

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products announced that it’s new Cutmaster® 60i handheld air plasma cutting system is now available.

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Introduction to Selecting Filler Metals for Stainless Steel

decembris 5, 2017

The capabilities that make stainless steel so attractive — the ability to tailor its mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion and oxidation — also increase the complexity of selecting an appropriate filler metal. For any given base material combination, any one of several types of electrodes may be appropriate depending on cost issues, service conditions, desired mechanical properties and a host of welding-related issues

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novembris 29, 2017

Industrial gases are widely used for cutting and welding, and the hazards associated with heat, flames and flammable gases are generally understood. However, less well appreciated are the consequences of a gas cylinder being knocked over, perhaps because somebody trips over a hose, a forklift truck knocks a cylinder or something falls against or onto a cylinder.

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New ESAB Renegade™ series of MMA/TIG inverters offers more power in a highly portable package

novembris 28, 2017

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products has launched its Renegade™ Series inverters for advanced DC TIG and MMA/Stick welding. Combining power with low weight and location flexibility, the Renegade Series has three models: Renegade ES 300i for MMA and Live TIG, Renegade ET 300i for MMA and TIG with high frequency (HF) or Lift TIG arc starts and Renegade ET 300iP, which adds controls for pulsed TIG welding

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ESAB demonstrated industry-leading filler metal solutions

novembris 24, 2017

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products showcased live demonstrations of new, improved and industry-leading filler metals at the recent Schweissen & Schneiden tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany. Three new and improved filler metals made their debut at the show

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