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The Newest
Post-Weld Cleanup Tool
is not a Tool at All.

PURUS™ - Tighter specifications, more consistent results

What is the definition of a great mild steel welding wire? Users just like you told us that, "We need batch-to-batch consistency. Even if there is a small variation, it could affect welding performance or require us to fine-tune parameters, and we don't want that."

ESAB heard your request loud and clear, and the result is PURUS - a mild steel wire with the tightest specifications we have ever developed.

PURUS is classified as an AWS ER70S-6 EN/ISO G3Si1 wire. To deliver consistent results from day-to-day and batch-to-batch, the chart below compares the chemical composition range of PURUS vs. our own OK Autrod 12.51 (both classified as premium quality copper-coated mild steel wires).

As you can see from our internal production specification data, PURUS uses the most tightly controlled range for the three primary alloying elements of a mild steel wire: Carbon, Manganese and Silicon. In addition, we tightly control a total of 17 raw elements.

Chemical Composition




MIN 0.07 1.40 0.80
MAX 0.10 1.50 0.90
OK Autorod 12.51
MIN 0.07 1.40 0.80
MAX 0.11 1.60 0.95

Now look at the wire composition standards set by AWS, EN and ISO. As you can see, the acceptable range for alloying elements is wide open compared to PURUS! No wonder other wires open themselves up to significant variations in batch-to-batch performance.

Chemical Composition




MIN 0.06 1.30 0.70
MAX 0.14 1.40 1.00
MIN 0.06 1.40 0.80
MAX 0.15 1.85 1.15

PURUS wire starts with a superior formulation to deliver the intended results of less spatter and fewer silica islands. From raw materials to production, ESAB crafts PURUS wire using best practices for wire drawing, as well as a proprietary coating technology.

Better Weld Beads

Excellent weld integrity is a prerequisite for any premium wire. Following up on that statement, please compare the images below, which show PURUS on the left and a standard mild steel wire on the right.

As you can see, PURUS provides good wetting so the weld puddle flows nicely and with a smooth transition at the weld toe. Because it creates a better bead profile and better surface appearance, PURUS can reduce or eliminate the need for TIG dressing or grinding to remove stress concentrations.

PURUS premium wire

PURUS premium wire
Note the smooth weld face and transition.

Standard mild steel wire

Standard Mild Steel  Wire
Bead shows high crown with potential for undercut.

PURUS will meet the needs of your most demanding applications, and we want to prove it. 

We're confident that PURUS will deliver the consist performance you demand. To be sure that the final weldment will meet mechanical requirements, the chart below provides the properties of the as-deposited weld metal.



All Weld Metal

EN 80Ar 20CO2



As welded

As welded
Properties Min Max Type Min Max Type
ReL (MPa) 420   470 380   430
Rm (MPa) 500 640 560 470 600 530
A5 (%)





Charpy V at 20° (J)     130     110
Charpy V at -30° (J)     90 47   75
Charpy V at -40° (J) 47   80     65